“Eucharistic Oblates for the Vulnerable” was canonically erected as a Public Association of the Faithful by the Bishop of Hong Kong, namely Most Rev. Joseph Ze-Kiun, on 15 August 2004.

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Introduction of the “Eurcharistic Oblates for the Vulnerable”

The Oblate is a Secular Association made up of both healthy and disabled Catholics.
The Oblate welcomes those who are broken in human relationships, body, mind, heart and/or soul.
The Oblate contributes to the sanctification of the world through inner sanctification.
The Oblate members consecrate themselves to God by taking Vows of Chastity, Obedience, Poverty and Eucharistic Adoration while living a consecrated life at home and in the working place so as to continue supporting or caring for the family.

Our Beliefs
By God’s grace, disabilities and brokenness can be transformed into blessings and a pathway to holiness.
All members of the Church are called to be holy.
The weaknesses and brokenness embraced in love make up Christ’s suffering.

Our Mission
By advocating Eucharistic adoration for those broken in human relationships, body, mind, heart and/or soul, the Oblate leads them closer to the Lord to be healed and sanctified.
The Oblate offers Mass for its members on the 2nd and 25th of each month and arranges for them a monthly formation programme and an annual retreat.


Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration

  • Eucharistic adoration is the best way to continue Eucharistic celebration.
  • It unites us to all the saints and angels in heaven, making our intercession far more powerful.
  • We earnestly hope that every minute there is someone adoring, worshiping, praising and making reparation to the Eucharistic Lord.
  • We pray for vocations, especially priestly vocations.

Why do we have Overnight Adoration?

  • The nature of Christian spirit is sacrificial spirit.
  • This has been the appeal of various Popes.
  • There is such a need in our very broken world.
  • Sins are often committed in the night and the dark.

Do not be afraid to Make Sacrifices!

  • Make sacrifices as “Prayer Warriors”.
  • Make sacrifices in response to “God’s love”.
  • Make sacrifices and God will bring about blessings a hundredfold.